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Dilayda Pala

I judge people in every possible way
Dilayda Pala
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Did you say egg?  Yummmmmmm!

Need to focus on an exam or just improve your memory? All you need to do is eat healthy: 15 Foods That Make Us Smarter!

Lemon Bar Cupcakes

Lemon Bar Cupcakes are light, luscious lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd filling and topped with a lemon bar filling frosting! The ultimate cupcake for a lemon lover!

Lemon Lemonies

Lemon Lemonies - Like brownies, but made with lemon and white chocolate! Dense, chewy, not cakey and packed with big, bold lemon flavor! (I think I'd forego the chocolate and make a lemon glaze with powdered sugar. Not a fan of white chocolate.

Dr Lecter holding a pussy: your argument is invalid.

Lubricate your dash carefully for this post iamnotswarley: “ Because I’m about to post some of my favorite Mads Mikkelsen pics. See, the thing about Mads Mikkelsen is that he is ridiculously HOT, but.

50 Classy People From The Past Who Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means!

PP: "Sigourney Weaver in drag" I dont understand why this is considered drag. can women not be women with short hair and a suit? Why must we assign gender to specific clothing and hair styles

Gap embraces normcore in new Dress Normal push. Seth Farbman, global CMO for Gap, explains the thinking behind the effort.

Gap, Elisabeth Moss, Michael K. Williams, And Zosia Mamet Urge You To “Dress Normal” In New Campaign

Not available on appstore

Three Hyper Island students dreamed up the idea of making “Not Available on the App Store” stickers as a friendly reminder to get kids away from the screen and into the real world. USA, Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa and Linn Livijn Wexell, 2014