The yellow notes have different signs (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) and then you can pick two white notes with numbers.

"On the white paper (plain popcorn) I wrote numbers, on the yellow (buttered popcorn) I wrote math symbols (+ – x ). Students can then choose 2 pieces of white popcorn and 1 piece of yellow. They write the equation and answer in their books.

free cartoon fish art

Set of 12 colorful vector cartoon fishes templates (cartoon dolphin, needlefish, jellyfish, flounder, etc) and illustrations for your sea and ocean related

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Monarch Madness: Homeworkopoly... This might work well in my resource room to encourage my students to complete their homework and remind them to see if they turned their homework in.

Homeworkopoly Classroom game-neat idea is a great way to get homework incentives and completion. It is not to elementary and still provides students with a few get out of jail free cards for those times when life just happens.

Tuzla çalışalım ..CANNUR HAZNEDAR

Tuzla çalışalım ..CANNUR HAZNEDAR