EASY LITTLE PANDAS CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES - i should try this with the orange chocolate cake...

Easy Little Panda Cupcakes. These little chocolate cupcakes are so cute. Chocolate chips are used to dress them up as sweet little pandas. Perfect cupcakes for the chocolate lover! Easy little pandas.



Muffin-Roses - Pinning this just for the idea. I would love to try making these rolls with a ball of boudin inside or some jalapeno cheese sausage .mmmm(How To Make Recipes)

Taiwanese baby panda "Yuan Zai" bread Copyright (c) Colacat

Taiwanese baby panda "Yuan Zai" bread Copyright (c) Colacat not exactly cake but so cute!

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SweeTooth Design Company is a place for inspiration of food & design. We share Creative Recipes around the world as well as Food Knowledge & History.

Secrets d'une galette des rois réussie + recette de la galette des rois frangipane noisettes et chocolat

Galette des Rois, Chocolat-Noisettes

Muhallebili Miföy Tatlısı - hayatcafetarifleri.com

Muhallebili Milföy Tatlısı

Пирог из дрожжевого теста с колбасой «Салфетка» : Выпечка несладкая


Pastry Folding

Dinner Rolls, Bread Knots, Easy, awesome idea, little bit fancy (Cheese Straws Mary Berry)