:) acabei de descobrir que aloha é uma forma de saudação que significa Olá ou Tchau, usada originalmente como demonstração de afeto ou paz

All of our parents wanted to be alone so they sent us on vacation to Orlando, Florida so we could make friends. They got tired of us just sitting around and all that stuff.

Sunset shaka x @moonawhyte

Sunset shaka x

✨Pinterest: Joniwhite219

Great to send my streaks to for people!

✨Pinterest: Joniwhite219

Great to send my streaks to for people!

Ideas creativas de imagen en la playa

Fun & Creative Ideas for Beach Pictures

Fun & Creative Ideas for Beach Escape Pictures

Du hast mein Herz repariert und ins Glänzen gebracht. Es gehört dir für immer, Daizo.

Swear God does this for me 😌


puravidabracelets: “Life’s A Beach Thanks (at Maui, Hawaii) ”


Showing moon cycle, investigate for VAAP

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Best Country Crafts For The Home - Pebble Coaster - Cool and Easy DIY Craft Projects for Home Decor, Dollar Store Gifts, Furniture and Kitchen Accessories - Creative Wall Art Ideas, Rustic and Farmhouse Looks, Shabby Chic and Vintage Decor To Make and Sel



Casual Converse

23 Comfy, Casual Converse Looks To Inspire You

Dramas, Child Development, Toddler Development, Drama


MANOS Someone had this tagged as crib art and actually, I love the idea, it takes a village to raise a child. This would be a cool pic with all your friends/family or anybody who helped you tremendously through your pregnancy or raising your child.

foami lapicero

15 Hermosas creaciones que solo lograrás con foamy

DIY Minion Pencil Holder Pictures, Photos, and Images

Okulöncesi Sanat ve Fen Etkinlikleri: Okulöncesi İplerle Tavşan Etkinliği

You can use any shape. It doesn't have to be a bunny. Just trace a shape or cookie cutter. This would be cute for any holiday, just use an appropriate cookie cutter to trace and cut out the shape, then whatever yarn works best for that holiday!

kawaii, cloud, cloud, baby, gift, cloud pillow, nursery

kawaii, cloud, cloud, baby, gift, cloud pillow, nursery