Woolworth's--Oh, I remember this store with fond memories. After shopping with my Mom, we would have something at the lunch counter and I would twirl on the stool.

Drive-in movies. Good memories.

Drive-in movie theaters. This image from LIFE magazine for a showing of The Ten Commandments. (The drive-in in Las Vegas is still open and doing well).


Dallas~Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle watched this on Friday nights together while us cousins played Barbies in my bedroom. I miss those days! Even we can remember the "Who shot JR discussions.

hula hoops

I could do this all day long. In my neighborhood we had hula hoops contest: how long you could spin and how many at one time. I think mine was over 5 minutes 5 hula hoops at one time.

Clothes always came out a bit crisp, but smelling fresh!

Mother and Daughter Doing Laundry Hanging Wash

Mother and Daughter Doing Laundry Hanging Wash on Clothesline in Backyard Clean Laundry in Wicker Basket Mother Smiling Wearing Apron, circa Credit: H.


DIY ruby slippers There’s something undeniably alluring about sparkly stuff. And friends of Dorothy know it. Judy Garland’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.