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Bucky as Captain America with Winter Soldier Mask What Sebastian Stan Could Look…

It was recently revealed that Chris Evans won't be suiting up as Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War (at least not at first), and now some new fan-art puts Bucky in the Star Spangled costume.

Sebastian Stan - Winter Soldier - the realization...

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Bucky. When he's on the ship fighting Steve, and he's telling him to SHUT UP, I think he felt something starting to click in his mind, that he did know this guy from before. But he was scared, he didn't want to hurt anyone he was close to, so he forced himself to shut the feeling out. He COULDN'T hurt anyone he was close to. Which is why he stopped punching Steve after he heard him say "I'm with you till the end of the line" and everything fell apart.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. His eyes spoke a million more words than his lips ever could.