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four different types of arrows and numbers on a blackboard with the words inequanti
My Math Resources - Graphing Inequalities Poster – Bulletin Board & Anchor Chart
My Math Resources - Graphing Inequalities Poster – Bulletin Board & Anchor Chart
graphing, drawing and range information booklet with text overlay that reads graphing, domain and range information
Domain and Range Intervention!
Domain and Range activity
a piece of paper with some writing on it and a green pen next to it
Parent Functions & Graphs Lesson | Warm-Up | Guided Notes | Homework
Graphic Organizer: domain, range, intercepts, asymptotes, intervals of inc/decrease, max/min, and end behavior.
two calculators sitting next to each other on top of an open book with instructions
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the characteristics of graphing in numbers and their functions are shown on this poster, which includes
Characteristics of Graphs - Identifying Parts of Functions - Matching Activity
This activity reviews characteristics of functions: domain, range, intercepts, local min, local max, intervals of increase and decrease, end behavior, parent functions, continuity, and evaluating a function from a graph.
the graphing and properties of polynomias worksheet is shown in two separate
Polynomial Functions Key Properties, Zeros, and Graphs
Use as an organizer for INB's, as a worksheet, or stations. Help your students to organize he properties of polynomials. Perfect for Algebra 2 or PreCalculus