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an image of a circle with words written in different languages on the inside of it
an oval with some writing on it in black and white, as well as the words below
the words are written in black and white on a round object with an arrow at the bottom
Karne hediyesi fikri Külahta Bonibon
#karne #karnehediyesi #karnehediyesifikri #ilkokul #ilkokulbirincisınıf #karneheyecanı #karnehatırası
a calendar with hearts cut out of it
Doğum Günü Sürpriz Fikri Takvim | Sürpriz Hediye Tavsiyeleri
Doğum Günü Sürpriz Fikirleri
a room filled with lots of white signs and red flags in front of a doorway
an image of a family in front of a flag
a black chair sitting in front of a red sign with white birds on it's back
29 Ekim
a black and white poster with the words mustafa kemal ataturk
Pre K, Public, World, Thematic, Kindergarten, Kindergarten Activities
the bulletin board is decorated with many different colors and buttons on it's sides
Sınıf Öğretmeniyiz Biz'in Instagram gönderisi • 14 Eki, 2019, 7:13öö UTC