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Looking for a fun and easy craft to make?  Try one of these 16 best and easy diy bracelet crafts.  Most require only a few products, beads, wire, safety pins, ect.  They are perfect to pass the time, sell, or give as gifts.
Learn how to make stackable square knot/cobra stitch bracelets. Pin now, watch later! Super simple.
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Monogram Leather Bracelet - Personalized Initial Bracelet, Custom Initial Gold Disc, Stacking Bracelet, Friendship Bracelet, Bridesmaid Gift...
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You Complete Me couples bracelets, matching bracelet set with black agate and rose quartz, his and hers bracelets, black and pink bracelets
"You Complete Me" Relationship Bracelets / Alpha Accessories
Matching couples bracelets
The Moonstone Connector .. Moonstone has long been used to connect with the ebb and flow of the moons energy. The moon and its cycle play a vital role in our lives and the health of the earth. Rainbow Moonstone is a positive protection stone that deflects negativity. It promotes strength, balances masculine and feminine energy and activates and aligns all chakras.