Shark attack’s

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These shark facts will terrify you for way more than a week

Beautiful and scary in equal amounts. Well, maybe a little more scary.


must be the shark equivalent of putting your foot in your mouth... this juvenile blue shark took one of our baits and somehow ended up biting his own tail while we were fishing a kelp paddy for yellowfin tuna about 50 miles SW of san diego. the little guy was carefully released with only a bruised ego.

Unbelievable facts

Great white sharks don’t mistake humans for seals. When sharks attack humans, they tend to swim up slowly, take an investigatory bite, and then swim away. This differs from the torpedo-like attacks...

Boca Raton Woman Bitten By Nurse Shark

By Casey Westfall Shark attacks are many beachgoers worst nightmare. But on Sunday, this nightmare became a reality for one woman at a beach in Boca Raton. The 23-year old woman had been bitten in the arm by a 2-foot nurse shark. By the time Boca Raton Fire Rescue arrived at the scene, the shark was […]

Learn How to Handle a Shark Encounter by Following These Steps

Mick Fanning recently survived a highly publicised shark encounter. It's important to respect and preserve these great creatures, but knowing how to avoid them when you're swimming in the ocean will reduce the already low risk of being attacked by a shark.

Monster shark bites great white shark in half off Australian coast? - Answers

Off the coast of Australia, predator becomes prey when this 10-foot shark is bitten almost in half by a "monster" shark. Local swimmers are now afraid to go back into the water!

SHARK ATTACK! REAL Hammerhead Shark On the BEACH!

For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.comSHARK ATTACK! REAL Hammerhead Shark On the BEACH! Our family is in Florida on vacation. We have been sw...

10 Worst Shark Attacks Ever Recorded

Sharks are terrifying creatures and are undoubtedly apex aquatic predators. We’re no match for sharks in their natural habitat and these 10 worst shark attac...

Real Shark Attack Filmed By Helicopter

This is the real footage from a shark attack filmed by a news crew in a helicopter. As a group of friends went out to celebrate a birthday party, there is an...

The Matawan Man-eater: The Real New Jersey “Jaws” of 1916

Weird NJ is a travel guide and magazine to places you won't find on state funded maps or located on any tourist attraction pamphlets.

Incredible drone footage as 70 tiger sharks tear apart dead whale

Incredible drone footage has emerged of over 70 huge tiger sharks tearing apart a dead humpback whale in the crystal clear waters of Shark Bay, on the Western Australia coastline.

Shark tries to attack me in Cancun

Exploring the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone) in Cancun.

Terrifying jaws of Mako shark

All these blood-chilling photos show the moment when Australian photographer Sam Cahir was circled by a hungry Mako shark. The photographer used his camera to capture

Australia: Great white shark kills diver at Cull Island

Authorities are still looking for the victim's body after the second fatal shark attack near Esperance in three years.

Great White Shark Kills Woman In Maine

It's the first fatal shark attack in the state's history, officials say. The woman, wearing a black wetsuit, might have been mistaken for a seal.