Honey Roasted Squash - The fall season is abundant with all kinds of squash. This recipe is the perfect choice for a healthy side dish. The mix of honey, olive oil, and rosemary makes a perfect flavour combination for any squash.

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Dear Mark: Vegetables on a Budget, Low Ozone Sun Exposure, Eating Breakfast, and PrimalCon 2015

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Seasoned Baby Carrots: preheat oven to Line a baking sheet w/ nonstick foil. Toss a bag of baby carrots w/ a drizzle of olive oil & chopped fresh thyme, salt and pepper to taste. Roast until tender, approx., stirring once halfway through.

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Veggies seem to be something that many people (and especially kids) have a hard time eating – but we all know that we should be eating them! Well one vegetable in particular has some great .