The industrial revolution and its consequences

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a person wearing a green frog hat and jacket
Kermit the Frog's Alternate Identities
the muppets are sitting at the counter in the store and ready to be eaten
Robin the Frog
the muppets are talking to each other in front of a desk full of books
a tarot card with an image of a person holding a lantern
Harvest Heart
a black and white drawing of a frog's head with its hands in the air
Daily Recap: 'The Wolverine' Adds to Cast, Christopher Nolan on Producing 'Justice League' & Future 'Batman' Films
a painting of kermie the frog wearing a suit and tie
the muppets are standing next to each other in front of a house
“American Gothic” & the 1930s
kermik the frog holding a rose in his hand with the words, the godfrigerr on it
the GodFrogger by Shayeragal on DeviantArt
a person sitting at a table with a glass of milk
the frog prince playing card is shown in this image
Muppet Show playing cards (ASS Altenburger)
a painting of a woman with a frog on her arm and flowers in the background
the kermie frog is sitting behind bars in front of a sign that says gulag