Lana Aylin Çalışkan

Lana Aylin Çalışkan

Turkey - İstanbul / My story and characters.
Lana Aylin Çalışkan
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Deviant Art, Middle Earth

Daily Sketch Doodle-like-thing for may Mandos: (Namo) Judge of the Dead, Master of Doom. One of Tolkien’s Vala.

fast sketch of Namo (Mandos) when he is not angry,white and all shiny btw in my imagination Namo is short,so other can call him “Here’s our tiny predictor” <<< headcanon accepted

Incredible illustration work mixed with rendering by British artist Billy Bogiatzoglou, aka Billelis. I’d really, really love to see these as real-life sculptures and maybe even own a few.

A jet black cloak is how I imagined him because he's the "lord of the afterlife" (death), but having it be a light color and fading into black is really neat. (gatekeeper by-ardenrey-)