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This Cat Have A Unique Skills 😂
Cr: @cat.mando tt
kermie the frog talking on phone with caption that reads, hello police? someone stole my weekend i saw it last on friday and then poof
Hello Police? Someone Stole My Weekend!
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a green frog sitting in the middle of a yoga pose with text that reads, just wanted you to know i have entered the snapago part of my life
This is how I feel way to often!
an animal that is looking at something with the caption i seem to be missing
a coffee cup sitting on top of a table next to a wall with writing on it
Nanea Hoffman on Instagram: "It’s all about progress 💙☕️ . . . . . . @naneahoffman #coffee #coffeetime #coffeelover #coffeequotes #coffeememe #sweatpantsandcoffee"
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a cartoon duck with a caption saying if pooping is a call of nature, does that mean faring is missed call?
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