Anıl Hacıyusufoğlu

Anıl Hacıyusufoğlu

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A little more arty. Could do circles or squares instead of hexagons. Also could keep a few blank or have them all have a design:

Illustrating the elements - air, fire, earth, & water ~ by Nikki Farquharson . . . . ღTrish W ~ . . . . #doodle #pattern #myt

Mary Klundt 1/3. I think that this is an interesting concept as a graphic. I really like the collision of the lines as well as the very simple break down of the picture. It may be a little saucy, but I still think that this is an interesting take on an image.

single line drawing | paulo ceric.

Cross contour line exercise - created via

Je ziet een mannetje die horizontale lijnen heeft stappen uit de verticale lijnen

Peggy by Craig & Karl — Agent Pekka

pattern-mild, contrast- strong, emphasis- lacking, balance-strong, proportion- strong, harmony- strong, rhythm- strong, value- strong

Galerie – Kleines | KunstKramKiste