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Whittling spirals | Wand-whittling vs. Traditional Whittling | Praeclarus Wands
Les sculptures de bois en torsion de Xavier Puente Vilardell   Les sculptures de…
Wooden #Nutcracker with Hammer smashes nuts - Nutcracker done with the lathe for wood, including hammer, which is also created with the lathe. You place the nut in the middle of the bowl (in the notch), and you hit them with a hammer. The shells of the nut can be put in the bowl below, along with nuts still to crush.  It is a kitchen tool that makes it easy and fun to crack nuts!
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Chunky Chess Pieces - made of maple or cherry hardwood and has its own individual design laser engraved $44
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Handcrafted Natural Wooden Mug by RealMaineWoodworks on Etsy
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