Boğaç özserezli

Boğaç özserezli

Boğaç özserezli
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Kenia / Door

Check out this cave-style door! This door is an entrance to a dwelling tucked away amidst sand-dunes and coconut palms on a beach in Kenya. It is owned by designer Marzia Chierichetti who also created this retreat. How fun!

The rust staining this blue door reminds me of a scene in one of my stories

Door in Bled, Slovenia- One thing I'm always interested in my travels are the different doors. I think doors serve as the face and first impression before you enter a new building, especially a historic one. Doors are just a part of the design process.

One way of hiding that ramshackle old shed!

This project features a house covered (inside and out) with thousands of round mirrors that makes it nearly camouflaged. The round mirrors have different shapes