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Smokey Robinson once stated, "Everybody was singing and blending, everybody was playing piano and guitar. Aretha left this world, however she likewise left another distant mystical world none of us truly caught on. She originated from a removed melodic planet where youngsters are conceived with their blessings full grown." So why does it feel like despite everything we don't completely acknowledge Aretha Franklin? As worshipped as she has dependably been, as darling and famous a...

Over the Rainbow by Aretha Franklin from the album The Queen of Soul Released on Not Now Music These 40 songs are the most celebrated hits from Ar.

"Your mom is a lady, and ladies like her can't be contained." It's a surprising accomplishment to revive a country while all the while blowing their mind, however such is the extraordinary force of Beyoncé. Around one hour into Sunday night's Grammy Awards, Beyoncé, new off the declaration that she is pregnant with twins, made that big appearance to play out a profound, clearing, interactive media filled tribute to parenthood. In some ways, it was a tribute to herself. W...

Kanye West is a bit of a drama queen, but this psychiatric breakdown has emergency responders putting him in handcuffs as he is admitted into UCLA hospital.

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Heijan feat Muti - Yansın Geceler (2017)

Heijan feat Muti - Yansın Geceler (2017)

Nokia is back! Here's the first smartphone in three years.

Nokia is back! Here's the first smartphone in three years - Good news for Nokia loyalists