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three barbie dolls are standing next to each other holding shopping bags and purses in their hands
Darci Cover Girl - three variants - Kenner 1978
three barbie dolls standing next to each other
Darci dolls. I had the blonde and the redhead. Valerie had the brunette. Gotta say Darci kinda kicked Barbie's ass.
the back cover of a magazine with a barbie doll on it's face and an ad for darca
an old fashioned gummy machine with lots of colorful rings on the front and sides
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
OMG!!! who else remembers this??
Krazy Straw Disney, Kids, Childhood, Kinder, Anos 80, Feliz, Ol Days
Krazy Straw
a facebook page with an image of two children playing on a swing set
That was always my goal
a little twin stars notebook with two cartoon characters on the front and one is pink
Little Twin Stars wallet 1984
Little Twin Stars #1980's
an assortment of colorful plastic discs in a box
The Best of Vermont from The Vermont Country Store to your door!
http://www.bestonlinetoystores.com/category/fisher-price/ I had this when I was little. Thanks to Amazon.com, my son will have one for Christmas!
a toy phone that is shaped like a cat with blue wheels and eyes on it's face
http://www.bestonlinetoystores.com/category/fisher-price/ Look at this Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone on #zulily today!
an image of two people doing different things in the same room, one with arms and legs
On life and time.
My childhood was indeed awesome!!
a pair of roller skates with pink wheels
Roller skates are back. Hooray!
Roller Skating on Friday nights at the skate rink.
the box has an image of a doll in it
REMCO: 1969 The Brady Bunch KITTY KARRY-ALL Doll...didn't know about this doll, except for on the show