Ali Şardağ

Ali Şardağ

You got to strike when the moment is right. Without thinking.
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A hand-cut paper heart as delicate as the real thing. #etsy

Magnolia Bug Flower and Insect art. Very unique

Space shuttle appearing through the clouds

The wonders within your head

fmcpherso: The planet Uranus. Taken on November 14th 2009 at 3:52 am. Using the 98 in Hooker telescope.

Massive wave! It's amazing the lighthouse can withstand the water power...

Installation by artist Baptiste Debombourg in a beautiful Abbey called Brauweiler Pulheim near Cologne in Germany. Debombourg used many sheets of glass, wood, nails and white paint. He tries to imitate a flood of water rushing into a room or the influence of ice on a place.

ZENDOODLE wish I had time to doodle like this