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a ceramic cup with designs on the outside and inside, sitting against a blue background
Vase with Glyphs Mexico, perhaps Campeche Maya, Late Classic ca. 600-900 CE
an old cup with some drawings on it
‘Rabbiting on...’
Rabbiting on...'
a white bowl with brown designs on the inside and sides, sitting on a gray surface
Reports – Maya Decipherment
an ancient vase with animals and people on it
A Maya cylindrical vessel with a scene showing human sacrifice. From Mexico or Guatemala, Late Classic Period, 600-850 AD
an egyptian painting depicting two men in the kitchen, one holding a knife and another pointing at something
Odd Lots: Here Are the Signs That a Civilization Is About to Collapse
an ancient painting on the side of a wall with two men playing drums and another man holding
MayaVase Hi-Resolution for Vase K4407
an old painting on the side of a wall with animals and other things in it
Dance of the Maize God screenings in Arizona and Montana
an ancient painting with two men and one woman working on something in the middle of it
MayaVase Hi-Resolution for Vase K5850
an artistic painting with people and animals on it
The Oldest Maya Murals and Royal Violence at San Bartolo, Guatemala
an orange and white plate with some pictures on it
an old vase with some designs on it
Chocolate, Food of the Gods, in Maya Art
an ancient painting on the side of a plate with people and animals painted on it
Category:Maya ceramics - Wikimedia Commons
a wooden statue sitting on top of a white floor next to a black background with the image of a kneeling person
Kerr Portfolio Hi-Resolution
two carved wooden figures standing next to each other
Richard Diehl - Death Gods, Smiling Faces and Colossal Heads: Archaeology of the Mexican Gulf Lowlands
an image of a statue that appears to be holding something in one hand and making a face