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the diagram shows different types of bones and their functions, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
Stone Lamps of the Palaeolithic
Stone Lamps of the Palaeolithic
an image of a stone statue that is in the shape of a reclining person
Anatolia: Catal huyuk and Gobekli Tepe - The ancient Black people of Turkey
Anatolia: Catal huyuk and Gobekli Tepe - The ancient Black people of Turkey
two sculptures of people laying on their stomachs, one holding a baby and the other sitting down
Reviews - Malta
Malta. ‘Sleeping Lady’ - clay - Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
three ancient statues on display in a museum
a map shows the average temperature in europe during the first half of the 20th century
Legends say Mysterious Women Built the Megaliths of Portugal
two decorative panels with animals and flowers on them, one is made out of stone
Shandwick Stone
a large stone with carvings on it
Elgin Cathedral, Pictish Cross-slab | Canmore
an image of a wooden model of a castle with all the parts labeled in it
Community & Kinship at Catalhoyuk - Paperblog
a painting of people standing in front of a pyramid
Silbury Hill: The Largest Man-Made Architectural Triumph Of Bronze Age Europe
an artist's rendering of a large structure in the snow with people around it
The life of an ordinary Pict revealed at long-lost settlement
an aerial view of a round stone structure
Ancient Irish fort featured on 140AD Ptolemy map of Ireland
an old stone pillar with writing on it
Cossans, 'st Orland's Stone' | Canmore
two stone slabs with writing on them
Perth Pictish monolith sheds new light on warriors' history
an ancient stone carving with two men and one woman standing next to each other on display
Prints of A Pict with hooded cloak and Pictish trousers, St.Vigeans, Scotland, c. 8th - 9th century Celtic art -