Onigiri, Japanese rice balls filled with yummieness! | in my Red Kitchen

Food Truck Tuesday – Onigiri, Japanese rice balls

Onigiri is the most common name for these stuffed rice balls. I filled them with spicy tuna, miso chicken and sake beef and they make a delicious lunch!

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10 Delicious Japanese Street Foods That You Should Try

Yaki imo is a type of Japanese street food that uses wood fire to bake sweet potatoes. Check out this San Jose Japanese restaurant infographic to learn about other types of Japanese street food sold around the country.

Japanese seaweeds

They say that the Inuit have many words for snowwell there definitely are lots of different kinds of seaweed eaten in Japanese cuisine. Check out this list of the most common types.

Sanpeijiru 三平汁 is a salt-flavor based soup popular in Hokkaido with salmon, potatoes, daikon radish, carrot, Negi, and Konnyaku cooked in kombu dashi broth. | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com