The Stone Mirror, Istanbul, Turkey

The Stone Mirror - Istanbul, Turkey. People named this "The Stone Mirror". The way the stone mirror reflects this building is really amazing. Definitely a place to visit.

Ottoman Turk, 1880-1900.

By the the Ottoman Empire was already in serious decline - unlike this Turkish soldier's resplendent rug.

Miniaturist Levni. Ottoman Sultan 3. Ahmet

This is what Turkish men would wear! The men that worked in the palace! like people that discussed work, government with suleiman. Other workers would not wear the hat!

Lost painting "Mihrap" by Osman Hamdi Bey. (1901)

Mihrap Osman Hamdi Bey (Turkish, Hamdy Bey’s depiction of undisguised human behaviour - particularly in a religious setting - challenged the social and religious status quo at.

Rare photo of Sultan Abdualhameed the last of the Ottoman Empire Sultans

Ottoman Caliph Abdul Majid II and his daughters, Princess Durru Shehvar and Princess Nilofer. Prince of Barar Wali Ahed, Azam Jah (Mir Himayet Ali Khan) and Prince Mauzam Jah (Mir Shuja'at Ali Khan) on their wedding day in Paris.

In the Bey´s Garden… A painting by John Fredrick Lewis, portraying life at the Palace in the 19th century… probably Istanbul during the Ottoman Empire reign…

John Frederick Lewis Lilium Auratum, 1871 Acquerello con biacca, x cm City of Birmingham Art Gallery

Ottoman princesses learning to read the Holy Quran in 1905

Made In Nablus on

Ottoman Princesses Learning to Read the Holy Quran CE Ottoman Empire)

The Green Mausoleum of Bursa - Turkey

The Green Mausoleum of Bursa in Turkey

Adding to the “green” character of Bursa, Turkey is the Green Mausoleum, which is the final resting place of Mehmet I.