Dolmabahce Palace | by Durukos Yachting

The Dolmabahce Palace was the main administrative center of the Ottoman Empire from 1856 to contains 285 rooms, 46 halls, 6 baths (hamam) and 68 toilets.

Galata Tower | by Durukos Yachting

Galata Tower, in Galata, Istanbul, Turkey One of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Taksim | by Durukos Yachting

Istanbul is not a city like all the rest! Located at the point where Europe meets Asia, Istanbul spans both continents and is the place w.

streets of Istanbul | by Durukos Yachting

Jair was an orphan raised on the streets in Cuba. I imagine that his childhood was centered around the slums and dilapidated areas of Cuba;

Bosphorus | by Durukos Yachting

AD 2006 April: Turkish Revival - Just some outdoor dining. next to the boat

the beautiful Bosphorus | by Durukos Yachting

The narrow Bosphorus waterway divides Istanbul and separates two continents, Europe from Asia.

Galata Tower | by Durukos Yachting

Istanbul Galata tower Medieval stone tower previously called flower of Christ

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge | by Durukos Yachting

Istanbul's beautiful Bosphorus Strait divides east and west, Europe and Asia. Explore the ancient waterway's history, culture and sea view Bosphorus property.

the Blue Mosque | by Durukos Yachting

A view from inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Such an amazing place. Traveled to Turkey in

Haghia Sophia | by Durukos Yachting

The Hagia Sophia was originally built as an Orthodox basilica during the Byzantine Empire. It is now a museum. The Hagia Sophia emulates the distinct architectural forms of the Byzantine era.

Maiden's Tower amidst Bosphorus | by Durukos Yachting

Maiden's Tower amidst Bosphorus | by Durukos Yachting

the Haghia Sophia | by Durukos Yachting

The aerial view of the Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul, Turkey .

Ortakoy Mosque | by Durukos Yachting

jo gumshuda song with pictures of istanbul