Мастер-класс "Розы из ткани".


Her mother & her called them rolled roses! fabric flower step by step

The handmade DIY Art and Design Ribbon embroidery pattern world-This is stunning

The handmade DIY Art and Design Ribbon embroidery pattern world. Amazing rendition of delphinium!

Cheap and Chic: Super Quick and Pretty Tulle Flowers - YouTube

In this tutorial, I show how to make these Organza Pom-Poms. These Pom-Poms can be used as any fashion accessories for babies as well as adults. They are als.

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I love this crazy quilting seam. It may be one of my favourites. I began with a cretan base and laced that with the "party ribbon yarn. then added detached chain, straight stitches, flower sequins and beads.

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If you love embroidery, you won’t miss this DIY embroidery technique, the flowers are a creative extension of french knot that looks pretty whether you use thread or yarn. They are great for handmade bedding, garment, curtains and more.