What are those things?

Flowers by Coriander Girl. Photo by Trish Papadakos.

Flowers by Coriander Girl // Photo by Trish Papadakos. - mason jar with white flowers & eucalyptus

Cat lady with her elegant cat hat, which can assume many positions -For my friend Kelly.

Repin Via: Rebecca Gallop // A Daily Something

~~ De Colores / Colors ~~ Rose tea beautiful flower arrangement and painting in background! A beautiful flower arrangement - Husky Style!

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World

proud ant eater, "hell yeeeeea! did you see me eat those ants dawg? I ate the hell outta those ants bro" lol ;


This is a picture of an elephant "parade." The elephants line up and do different moves or tricks. I think this is a very interesting thing that the elephants do. This proves that elephants are smart creatures.

Once upon a time...   #cat #kitty #book #cute

Happiness is not always reading the same page in the same book. Sometimes it is just wanting to hold the others book for them to read.

Cat Peek - by Nic Lyons

White cat paws with little pink nose. Destruction in White (via Nic Lyons)


You know your loved when someone sends you a LOVE LIZZARD!~~love lizard by Hendy Mp~~