Make a Ball Maze Game from a Cardboard Box and Empty Toilet Paper Rolls! Hand-eye coordination activity for a rainy day.

Make a Ball Maze Hand-Eye Coordination Game

Re-design as Pac-Man screen! Use a yellow ball. Make a Ball Maze Hand-Eye Coordination Game - Great boredom buster for kids!

#çocukgelişimi #çocukeğitimi #anne

#çocukgelişimi #çocukeğitimi #anne

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This is a good idea! But instead of push pins you could do Velcro numbers so that you don't have to use something pointy that kids could step on

How to Make a Marble Run | Munchkins and Mayhem

So simple and yet so fun and keeps kids engaged. Makes a great individual or pair activity. Take several cardboard tubes. Think: wrapping paper tubes, paper towel tubes tp tubes Cut some in h…

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