3 malzemeli tarifler

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Şeker, Portakal Suyu, Tuz = Portakallı Sorbe

sugar + orange juice + salt = orange sorbet Genius Three-Ingredient Recipes Yep, it really can be this easy.

Badem, Kuru Meyveler, Hurma = Enerji Küpleri

3 ingredient fruit and nut bars.change the dried fruit to what you want.nuts + dates + dried fruit = energy bars

Donmuş Muz, Fıstık Ezmesi, İç Malzeme = Hafif Sundae

If you don't know that blending frozen bananas = amazing, instant vegan ice cream by now, I don't even know what to tell you. Get the recipe.

Fotoğraf Galerisi.

So rich and fudgy, these flourless hazelnut chocolate chip brownies have an intensely chocolate interior and cracked tops. Better that any boxed brownies.

Meyve, Şeker, Krem Şanti = Meyve Rüyası

33 Genuis Three Ingredients Recipes That Will Change Your Life – The Awesome Daily - Your daily dose of awesome