Organic Gardening

Grow organic food in your own backyard and support local farmers! We pin organic gardening tips, including how to grow urban gardens, backyard gardens, and…
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cucumbers growing in the soil with yellow flowers
Organic Gardening: Ditch Pesticides for Good
When bugs and other critters start taking over your garden it's tough not to reach for pesticides to keep them at bay. Try using some of these all-natural solutions!
a woman and child are tending to plants in a garden bed with dirt on the ground
Planning Your Raised Garden
Raised bed gardens have many advantages, including fewer weeds, better drainage, and longer growing season. Learn how to get started.
a woman kneeling down in the grass next to a basket full of fruit and vegetables
How To Start a Regenerative Garden in Your Backyard
Why use regenerative agriculture methods in your garden? Healthier soil and plants! Maybe you'll even help reduce carbon in the atmosphere.
a person in a yellow jacket holding carrots and onions with their hands wrapped around them
Don’t Put the Garden to Bed Yet
Extend your garden's growing season into winter with a little planning, careful plant selection, succession planting, sheltering, and mulch.
a woman in polka dot shirt and white gloves tending to plants inside a green house
Mulch 101: Mulching Your Soil for a Healthy Garden
Mulching can add nutrients to soil, modulate soil temperature, retain soil moisture, and suppress weeds. Here are some tips to mulch your soil the right way.
jars filled with different colored liquid sitting on a shelf
7 Ways To Preserve Your Garden Harvest
How can you preserve your produce to enjoy it year-round? There are more ways than you might think! Here are 7 ways to preserve your garden harvest.
some strawberries are growing in a clay pot
Summer Superfoods You Can Grow at Home
Whether you’re a novice gardener or you have more experience, we have suggestions for tasty summer superfoods you can grow at home.
a person holding up some plants in the dirt
4 Ways To Kill Weeds the All-Natural Way
Pesticides may seem convenient but these four methods will kill weeds naturally, and they're healthier for you, your garden, and the planet.
the garden is full of potted plants and colorful chairs, including one with a birdhouse on it
Garden Guidance: Turn Your Yard Into a Pollinator Paradise
Gardens can be mini sanctuaries for pollinators. Follow these tips to keep our pollen-loving friends healthy and plentiful!
Top Seven Rules for Pruning Trees
two men standing in a garden with tomatoes on the vine and one man reaching up to pick them
How To Grow Bountiful Tomatoes
Tomatoes are a widely popular crop, but they can be temperamental. Learn their likes and dislikes so you can grow a bumper crop of tomatoes.
an open book and cup of coffee sit on a wooden table in front of the sun
Organic Gardening Books to Help Your Garden Grow
Are you itching to put your green thumb to work this spring? Both experts and novices will find inspiration and guidance in these five organic gardening books.
the heartest flowers poster with pictures of different types of flowers and their meaningss
Infographic: 9 Ways Flowers Protect the Environment
Which of these 9 flowers have you planted?
three compost bins with the text 3 diy compost bins you can make this weekend
3 DIY Compost Bin Designs You Can Make This Weekend
Start #composting in your backyard with one of these great compost bin designs. Composting is an easy way to use your #FoodWaste and yard waste to feed your garden.
the different types of boats are shown in this info sheet, which includes information on how to
Composting organic waste is one of the best things you can do for the environment. According to the EPA, about 28 percent of the solid waste stream in the United States consists of food waste and