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..... But then came the day when I found out. She had been taking a different route to class so that she could be with him. I walked the whole way to class that day watching them from downstairs, holding hands and being happy together. It hurt really bad but we were still best friends. I lost all trust in him and he became a constant reminder of what he took from me. There were another few weeks of this. I avoided him as much as I could because everything about him, his voice, his presence…

More miraculous users means more competition for Chat XD (Miraculous Ladybug, fox, bee, Chat Noir, shipping) Kinda makes me think of the twins and Tamaki in OHSHC


My Ladybug 'yo-yo'! It's actually a compact mirror with an LED borser around the bottom mirror. I drew on the black dots with a sharpie after wiping the shiny surface with nail polish remover. It keeps the shine but it allows the ink to grip with ease.