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DIY Rocket ship photo booth at a space themed birthday blast off party. Use a few cardboard boxes covered in blue plastic tableclothes and spraymount a foamcore rocket ship on front. Cut a porthole in.

Great for Kids to learn about the Solar system. FloraCraft Solar System at

This FloraCraft Solar System Kit makes it easy for children and adults to work together, constructing a model of our solar system and learning scientific facts about the sun and planets in our solar system.

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Solar system project

Solar system projects offer an opportunity for students to learn about the planets, stars, moons and sun. According to research on project-based learning conducted by the University of Indianapolis, .

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Water Rocket: The combination of water, compressed air, and a plastic soda bottle serves as a great source of propulsion for a water rocket. Alternate way (without tape) to fix up those water bottle rockets. by elsa

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