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NASA Spies a Supernova’s First Shockwave - Astronomers spot the first flash of a distant supernova in visible light [short video] - When a dying star explodes into a supernova, it can produce a short shockwave known as a “shock breakout.” Now, for the first time astronomers have caught a glimpse of the first flash of a supernova in visible light thanks to the Kepler telescope. Supernovas tend to occur when an aging red giant star has expended the last of its nuclear fuel. Because..

Astronomers have used NASA’s Kepler space telescope to capture for the first time the incredible flash from an exploding star’s shockwave.

Geothermal Plant Waste CO2 Converted to Methanol to Power Cars

Carbon Recycling International (CRI) is the world leader in providing power to methanol technology. We produce renewable methanol from carbon dioxide hydrogen and electricity for energy storage, fuel applications, and efficiency enhancement.

Sipchem's methanol plant resumes operation

Saudi International Petrochemical Co (Sipchem) said operations resumed on Wednesday at its affiliate's methanol plant after nearly six weeks of scheduled maintenance.