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kinda surreal... [Trailer, feat. Kento] [Trailer, long ver] or [8 trailers, Official site] Kento Yamazaki x Mirei kiritani x Kentaro Sakaguchi, J LA, romcom "Heroine Shikkaku". Release: 09/19/2015.

how can she be bald and beautiful at the same time?

桐谷美玲 (Mirei Kiritani): non-no - Nov 2014

minimalist wardrobe / beige top / image by: death by elocution

Layers are necessary for cold weather. Here are some style tips on how to layer sweaters this winter with outfit ideas and fashion inspiration.

#桐谷美玲 Mirei Kiritani

What do you learn from reflecting on great art or literature?

#桐谷美玲 Mirei Kiritani

For Beautiful Human Life

Mirei Kiritani 桐谷美玲

Is the entire problem with life that everyone is rushing around and doesn't have time to think and reflect?