Emre Cotelioglu

Emre Cotelioglu

Belki çok klasik olacak ama müziğe çok küçük yaşta ailemin teşviki ile başladım :P
Emre Cotelioglu
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<p>The whiskey bar Foxglove is located in Hong Kong at the Printing House on Duddell Street. It is the second bar opened by the Ming Fat House owner team of Jonathan Bui (Canadian), Eric Lam (American

Completed in 2015 in Hong Kong. Images by Dennis Lo Designs. Foxglove: Hong Kong’s most compelling new lounge-bar, opened in November 2015 paying homage to quintessential British heritage: the finest.

Lazy Cat Cafe by Span Design, Lidcombe – Australia » Retail Design Blog

The Lazy Cat Café is a relaxing place for informal gatherings, which has been composed of a theme of cats. The interior design fits the title of the café, but also brings a youthful, quirky and playful vibe to it.

I close my eyes and I can picture this charming cottage, nestled in the woods.  There are beautiful flowers on both sides of a stone path.  There I am, sitting on an oversized chair in front of the fireplace, reading a good book.  Wow, what a great vision!  I am so happy & at peace.  I should start construction immediately!

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