This is a nice example of layers breaking up the concentric circle-ness. Not keen on complete circles i think. Also not too swirly-girly.

Dreamcatcher-like and sunflower-esque.

(99) Одноклассники

(99) Одноклассники

Erase una vez Que se un globe ... transformó en jarrón:

10 Tutorial pazzeschi per tutti coloro che vorrebbero cimentarsi nell'arte più elevata del riciclo. + Video tutorial

Balloon, fish net stockings, newspaper, paper masche and cardboard for neck of VASE

The molds used to create these rustic candle holders were made from real pinecones - if there's a Fall-lover in your family, you've got to surprise them with these!

Set of 2 Pinecone Candleholders from Ballard Designs

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Painted rocks inspired by the movie "UP" / Чашка-проливашка с корицей и дольками апельсина! - Кофейно-джутовое - helenochkas

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wine bottle and grapes--mosaic?

I am not a wine drinker and I don't really care for Italian themed decorating…


PICTURE ONLY (use a cd for wheels - butter containers for basket and popsicle sticks for frame? Would be cute little planter