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a notepad with children's drawings on it
the words are written in black and white with green leaves on it, along with an illustration of a bird perched on a tree branch
Veli Mektubu
there are many bottles with cartoon characters on them and one has a speech bubble above it that says kopuk balonguk
four stickers with a cartoon girl holding a megaphone
four stickers with a man holding a megaphone
an ornate frame with the words in german and english on it, as well as some other
Velilere temenni ve ikram kartı
a black and white sign with the words maceria baslasin written in it
Konuşma Balonu
four different types of hot air balloons with the words, numbers and letters below them
Okul öncesi hediyelik
an advertisement for a children's book called, bitki yetstrich
an orange ribbon with a white star on the top and one red bow at the bottom
a blue and white ribbon with the words haffaannn coulium on it
an advertisement with the words energy crush and two yellow lightbulbs on it
Classroom Jobs