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—And there was no dance, no holy place from which we were absent. - Sappho, excerpt of Fragment 19 (tr. by Julia Dubnoff)

Photography by Charlotte Wales for Riot of Perfume S/S Fashion editor: Clare Byrne Hair stylist: Shingo Shibata Makeup artist: Georgi Sandev Set designer: Lauren Nikrooz

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HASRET TUTUŞUYOR şiiri - Nurefşan. şairine ait şiirler - Nurefşan. şiirleri - Edebiyat Defteri

"Prisoner" a dark eye image. Once Miranda is confined in the small prison, she only lives in the ‘’eyes’’ of Frederick. The beautiful teenager will die inside the little cage, only seen by a psychopath collector.

Womens Fashion, Horses, Fashion Women, Woman Fashion, Horse, Woman Clothing, Moda Femenina, Feminine Fashion