E. Deha Cennet

E. Deha Cennet

Istanbul, Turkey / u know me? no? so no need to introduce myself...
E. Deha Cennet
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Where have the real men gone?

Is it just me or are all of the "hot men" these days more feminine? Sorry, but none of the boys on the left measure up to the rugged manly charm of the real men on the right . It's boys to men!


July 23 - August Leo Cats are extremely honorable and dignified. If you are a Leo Cat, you’re pretty happy being the center of attention, unless there’s a sunbeam somewhere that requires your royal person to be asleep in it.

May the 4th - Star Wars day

Today is a very special day for the Star Wars fan community. May has become the unofficial date for International Star Wars Day, prompting fans everywhere to greet one another with the phrase, “May the be with you.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is located about 54 miles southeast of Seattle in Washington state. The beautiful mountain rises to nearly feet and is the tallest of the Cascade mountain range.