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Ein Eigenheim muss nicht unbedingt aus Stein sein, auch Frachtcontainer bieten mit etwas Kreativität ideale Wohnmöglichkeiten wie diese Beispiele zeigen.

The Savannah Project by Price Street Projects in Savannah, Georgia, USA. As a port city, Savannah has an abundance of obsolete shipping containers. Artist Julio Garcia repurposed two of these containers to create his residence and studio in Savannah.

Residential Park Models & Tiny Homes | West Coast Homes

Cottage park model with rooftop terrace and covered deck with fireplaces inside, on the deck and the roof. Luxury Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace

DIY Wood Pallet Wall Paneling Fire Place

First we have the unique looking wood pallet wall paneling fire place! This idea is best to add your living room area with the creative impressions. The length of the fire place depends on your needs (Best Paint

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