Efe Kavurucu

Efe Kavurucu

Basit biri değilim. Gözlerimi kanatırcasına ağladığım gecelerim var. Ve kahkahalara sarılmış anılarım. Herkes kadar dertli, bazılarından fakir, çoğundan zengini
Efe Kavurucu
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pixelartus: “ A growing collection of animated Pixel Art Tutorials by Pedro Medeiros ( of Studio Miniboss (they previously worked on TowerFall and are currently working on Celeste and.

Using luminosity to make limited color palettes more intuitive

A small update on the topic. Some useful sites about colours: Good readings Colour Theory Ctrl+ Paint (under Painting with Color) Understanding Color (video) Palette resources/inspirations ColourLovers Colour Pod Color Scheme Designer Kuler

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Here's a quick and easy way to pixel rocks! I plan on doing some more quick tutorials, I went a while without making tutorials so I gotta make up for it.

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Pixel art study of characters from five of my favorite games/artists:Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis,Superbrothers: Sword & sworcery EP,pascalcampion,Dan Panosian a.Bottom three are referenced from the book Ma