For outdoor greenery - weather-resistant decorating. Original Description: "This is a great idea for those that don't have a green thumb."

You will love to learn how to make a Painted Cactus Rock Garden and we have lots of inspiration plus a video tutorial to show you how.

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great way to display clay fish or painted rocks fish made by…

New Mandala Stone Painted Rock Colorful Dot by P4MirandaPitrone

New Mandala Stone ~ Painted Rock ~ Colorful Dot Art Painting ~ Original Home Decor Beach Stone Rainbow Turquoise Blue Green Yellow Pink

DIY Fairy Gardens - Page 1244 of 1271 -

These are my favorite fairy gnome doors. If you don’t know, gnome doors go on trees and fairy doors go on fairy houses. These are all made by painting rocks and coating them in polyurethane to make them weatherproof. Top … Continued - Ideas In Crafting

Wood Wall Hanging Reclaimed Wood and Painted Stones by Vijolcenne

Wood Wall Hanging, Reclaimed Wood and Painted Stones, Whimsy Houses Painting, Art Painting on Wood and pebbles

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Woman Carefully Arranges Ordinary Pebbles To Create Beautiful Works Of Art

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