Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital,SIVAS,TURKEY

This is what we called a hospital entrance in pre-modern Islamic civilization. Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği, from the Saljuq (Seljuk) era, in today's Sivas (Turkey).

Myra (Demre), Antalya, Turkey - IV century B.C. They rest on the cliff above a well-preserved Roman theater with a double-vaulted corridor.

Myra (Demre) Lycian tombs with square columns carved into limestone cliffs during the They rest o the cliff above a well preserved Roman theatre with a double vaulted corridor. Most famous of the restored church dedicated to St Nicholas.

Doğanbey Söke Foto:Ali Cengiz Turkey

Doğanbey, Söke, Turkey - I like how more space is added to the upper floor.

siirt turkey | cass house door, a photo from Siirt, Southern East Anatolia ...

Cass house door by nadir. The door of a house made by "cass" stone, Siirt, Tillo, Turkey - Southern East Anatolia.

View of excavations. Zeugma, Turkey, was founded by the Macedonian Seleucid ruler Nicator I, this Hellenistic city grew in prosperity during Roman times since it lay on the Silkroad to China. Zeugma’s mosaics, ceramics, statues, and frescos are spectacular. The people of Zeugma enjoyed a magnificent lifestyle in their city on the Euphrates until the Sassanid invasion in 252 AD, when the city was burnt and razed. After the Turks took the region, the city became known as the Belkýs Ruins.

View of excavations. Zeugma, Turkey, was founded by the Macedonian Seleucid…