Longstitch chevron cushion?

Discover thousands of images about Shades of blue / tuquoise. Bargello - needlepoint embroidery, using straight stitches in a repeating mathematical pattern

More Bargello.  Thank you Ramzi for your wonderful blog!

Free Easy Cross, Pattern Maker, PCStitch Charts + Free Historic Old Pattern Books: Sajou No 307

вышивка барджелло схемы - Поиск в Google

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So it's Easter weekend, but eggs aren't the only thing we're dyeing at our house. (See where I'm going with this?) Ever since I started knit...

DIY yarn dying: "Kool-Aid makes an excellent dye for natural fibers". The down side is that eventually the colors fade as you wash it.

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My fourth Bargello finished in a Pillow ❤

My fourth Bargello finished in a Pillow ❤