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I love golden puppies! How can you not smile and feel happy just by looking at this picture?

Look at that face!

Boxer Pictures - Pictures of Boxer Dogs

Boxer pictures are so fun to look at because Boxer dogs have so much personality. Boxers are the most popular dog breed in the USA, according to AKC 2006 statistics. Boxers are gentle, playful, energetic, and loyal. Have fun perusing these funny.

Top 10 Shortest Living Dog Breeds Breaks my heart that the Dane lives such a short life.

I just got a corgi/mini aussie mix and he has the corgi body, face and ears but has the red merle and blue eyes from the aussie. Yes I have the cutest puppy.

Peluş Oyuncaklarla Uyuyan Yavru Köpekler

'Time for my afternoon nap - wake me up for my Dinner please'.- Cute Poodle Dog with its Teddy Bear

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That color. That fur. Those ears. Them tails! If anyone bought me golden retriever, I would love them For.