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2 Facebook Cover Hospital Doctor and Insurance Medical - Facebook Timeline Covers Social Media

Fully editable and vector shape so it can be easily change its text, color & shape. A Sets of FB Cover Timeline Multipurpose Business Corporate and Medical Hospital and Insurance Banner.

10 Most Creative Anti-Smoking Campaigns (anti smoking, smoking campaign) - ODDEE

Yes, these campaigns will not stop people smoking, maybe, but for an art director/copywriter building a successful campaign against smoking is always a challenge. Here a collection of the most creative and inspiring campaigns against smoking.

Cherish your and others' life~

Reprehensible demonizing of an industry implying they murder children. Tax dollars wasted scaring stupid people who took up smoking knowing it kills. Pay for homeless medical treatments with this ad money and save far more lives. Buy tents or something.

금연 포스터 - Google 검색

When you ask yourself, how to stop smoking immediately, comprehend that extremely taking the fundamental actions to really stop cigarette smoking isn't simple,