11 Awesome Crochet Stitches - Broomstick Lace, Crocodile Stitch, Star (Daisy) Stitch, Boxed Puff Stitch, Waffle Stitch, Intertwined Lacets Stitch, Cross-Over Long Double Crochet, Peacock Fan Stitch, Primrose Stitch, Bullion Stitch, Basketweave Stitch.

A great graphic reference for basic advanced crochet stitches. A quick glance can help during new or more difficult projects. Chain Slip Stitch Double Crochet Treble Crochet Half Treble Double Treble Treble Cluster Treble P

Tunus işi şal yapılışı #crochet #örgü #knit #knitting

Tunus işi şal yapılışı

Chevron ripple crochet pattern done on those long Tunisian afghan blanket hooks. Doesn't have to be "boring" :)

Made with quality and a stylish simple design, these beanies will keep you warm and super cute everyday! Original Brand and Superior Quality - Style: Slouch Cable Knit Quality Beanie with Tags - Marte

CC Beanie Light Grey

Cotton Sweater in Ivory cream with an asymmetrical hemline.

white knitted sweater with dropped stitches / loose knit / Cotton Sweater in Ivory cream with an asymmetrical hemline by ileaiye