pretty leaf edging used as button holes sweater detail knitting

Ugly SSK decreases, pretty Slip-Twist_Turn decreases - must try!

Interesting take on the plethora of square-fronted vests/sweaters out there. Not sure I'm a fan of the style in general, but I do like this application. The heft of the stitch pattern balances the drape of a style that's otherwise falling off the body due to lack of shaping. Would like to see it unbuttoned; how would it fit then?

Karina's Vest kit by Knitting Central

Реглан спицами сверху-очень удобно.особенно для детских вещей

узоры спицами

Raglan hablaba muy s


Esta torerita para bebé está realizada a punto bobo con un remate a ganchillo. Muy fácil y rápida de hacer.

Клуб "Вязание и рукоделие"

Klub "Vяzаnie i rukodelie"

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Chaqueta punto bobo para bebé paso a paso (Con hilos, lanas y botones)

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porta bebe en dos agujas

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beautiful baby knits:

Baby shoes That does it: my baby girl will have one gray knitted outfit. She will need a break from all the lace and frills of all her other knitted outfits!

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