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How to Prune Your Trees and Shrubs by lowes: Pruning makes sense when you understand the role and locations of growth buds. Select the bud you want to keep and cut just beyond it. The resulting growth will vary depending on the bud... #Trees #Shrubs #Pruning

The right way to make pruning cuts to stimulate growth where you want it. | Illustration: Elizabeth Traynor |

PRUNING! Some people really have a difficult time pruning and cutting any branch is almost impossible for them. There's not much we can do to help them. But we can explain WHY we prune as drastically as we do . . . Simply because it produces outstanding results! So here are more no-nonsense explanations presented with the hope you will substitute knowledge to overcome fear and move into training bonsai! THE PRINCIPLES WORK! GOOD LUCK!

Maple Bonsai, Formal Upright style (Chokkan).

Beautiful #Bonsai #japanese maple #tree

A nice Japanese maple bonsai tree, Acer palmatum, unusual, elegant, 55 cm high.

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