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the flags of different countries are shown in red, green and black with white letters
Özgür filistin
Filistin gazze Kudüs Mescid-i Aksa
a person holding a tag in their hand with red arrows pointing to the label on it
an info sheet describing the different types of clothing and accessories for people to wear in their country
an advertisement for the muslim festival, featuring a mosque and dome with stars on it
an image of a building with a dome on top and sky in the back ground
an image of a man holding something in his hand with the words kudus on it
a woman wearing a headscarf leaning against a wall with a quote on it
an islamic quote on the side of a building with a dome in the background and people standing
a man covering his face with a golden hat on top of his head and the caption says, dunya sajr olaa da az zalme
an image with the words written on it and stairs leading up to some buildings in the background
an image of the dome of the rock in the middle of the city with words written below it
a man standing in front of a building with a gold dome on it's roof
birds are flying in front of a dome with a quote written on it that reads,